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There are three persons working for E.De.L.Com bvba.

Erik De Laet Erik started E.De.L.Com in 1987. He choose the cryptic name E.De.L.Com, which stand for Erik De Laet Company.
Erik is 62 year.
He is responsible for the software development.
He can be bribed to program in Delphi (versions 1 to 7), Paradox (versions 5 to 10), Access (versions 97 to XP, Visual Basic for Applications and the internet related programming like ASP, VBScript and Javascript.
He also has a great knowledge of databases like Microsoft Sql-Server (versions 6.5, 7 and 2000) and Interbase en Firebird.

Erik Van Gorp Erik is responsible for the hardware, networks, installation and re-installation of operating systems (Windows 95 to Windows XP). He is also responsible for the all virus related stuff (like installing antivirus software and removing viruesses from computers). Erik is 57 year.

Alexia Van Brussel Alexia is the wife of Erik De Laet.
She is responsible for all administrative tasks and can also be hired to create and assist in creating spreadsheets.
She is also responsible for installations and first hand support for the accounting package Venice for Windows. Alexia is 63 year.

Please contact us for any information. We are sure we can help you with any IT-question you should have.

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